New Sports Performance Center opens in Carmel

By: Sam Klemet

A new facility opening today in Carmel is designed to help young people grow physically and mentally.

The St. Vincent’s Sports Performance Center in the Clay Terrace Mall is 26,000 square feet and includes 65-yards of turf, weight equipment, and will offer group training sessions for middle and high school athletes.

"With all the cuts that are being made in physical education at the elementary, middle, and high school level, we feel that we can help bridge that gap," said trainer Tim Drudge.

"Nutrition education is incredibly important given the fast food nature of our lives these days, providing great opportunity and great education in that regard is very, very important."

The facility also is focused on sports psychology, which Drudge says benefits every member of the family.

"It’s leadership development.  It’s also helping parents understand how to be more positive parents," he said.  "And, how to help coaches be more positive influences."

Physician services begin operating today and the rest of the facility opens next week.